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Branding Photography

Melanie Johnson Photography KC / Glam Cam KC

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Headshots & Profile

Headshots and profile photos used to be strictly head and shoulders, with a blank or colored background.  Though we still do these types of headshots, things have changed over the years.  There are no strict rules regarding your headshot or profile.  The rules are made by you!  More people are wanting to show their personality or their industry.  You can be as traditional or as creative as you want.  

Regardless of your business, your headshot is one of the most important things to start with and keep current.  Your headshot or profile photo will create your client's first impression of you.  It makes you real to the client, and when they meet you in person they feel they know you.  It is one of the most fundamental and valuable places to start and can be used on your website, business cards, social media, and marketing materials, among many other things.  

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Advertising is continuously evolving.  There are countless ways to reach your client.  The advertising photography scope is endless!  With each and every business being unique and every client a one-of-a-kind, advertising photography is a blank page, and we just happen to LOVE blank pages!  This is where your ideas and our creativity merge to make your advertising imagery unlike anything else. 


Advertising images can be used anywhere; magazines, billboards, social media, websites, marketing materials, banners, and everything in between.  Whether it be lifestyle, field, or products, our goal with advertising is to sell your product or service. Original, professional, stylish, engaging, attractive, and memorable photos will attract your ideal customers and will convert leads to clients.

Lifestyle photos for advertising showcase your service or product in real-life settings.  Your potential customer can imagine themselves using your products or experiencing your services.  We can help you to create imagery that is fresh and engaging, keeping your advertising and marketing up to date.  

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Field Photography

Field photography showcases you and/or your team in real-life situations as you work.  It is very similar to lifestyle photography.  It shows a peek behind the scenes and lets people see what work or service will be done, and how.  These images are not posed or staged and feature your real employee with a real client or a model.  These photos are great for websites, training materials or slides, marketing, or promotion, showcasing a real-life, in-depth view of your interaction and work.  

Product, Service & Details

These images are to show your shine!  We get up close and personal with your product or service, showing lots of detail.  They can be simple or styled to any degree.  Feature one object, or more, just the product, or in a setting.  Retail, commercial, and everything in between and beyond.  

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