Your business is important to you.  The way you look is the client's first impression, and that is everything.  We understand, and this is why, when you have a brand activation, grand opening, open house, drives, fundraisers, product release, or even an employee party, event, luncheon, or any other business or corporate event, we go all the way.  Whether it's the Mirror Booth, the MINI Booth, or both, customized to your brand, everything about your event will reflect your business.  Your name, logo, and brand are being seen long after your event. Your guests can email, print or text their photos on site.  Additionally, later they can go online to your event-specific gallery.  Social sharing of their fun, photos featuring your brand or logo begin to circulate.   

Ways that we can help market your business:

  • Create user-generated content

  • Data Collection

  • Increase digital image library

  • Increase online and social footprint

  • Social sharing

The following are some of the ways we can customize for marketing with your business event.

  • Branded customized photo overlays with your information: logo, background, overlays, hashtags, web address, email, social media, and more

  • Branded start screen

  • Branded props

  • Branded animations

  • Branded emoji and photo stamps

  • Your brand colors

  • Data capture: as the guests use the booth to email or text their photos, the data can be collected to enable you to contact them after the event

  • On-screen animated Seating charts (Mirror only)

  • On-screen advertising (Mirror only)

  • Custom skin panels for the booth itself, featuring your design, logo, brand, QR code, and more

  • Step and repeat or custom backdrop

  • Branded online gallery for viewing and ordering downloads, additional prints, or products featuring your branded event photos

  • Commercial/Business License Release with a digital file of all photos, with and without overlay for your digital library to be used in your marketing or other business needs

  • 4-Hour, daily, weekly, monthly, long-term, and permanent installs 

  • So much more!  Let's put our heads together and create!

Don't forget to use social media yourself by creating hashtags to use before the event even takes place, then have guests use the hashtags when sharing their photos!

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