Charities & FundRaisers

What better way to raise awareness for your charity or cause than to have every attendee take a fun photo with your brand all over it?  And better yet, they share these photos on social media to be seen by hundreds or even thousands. While you are raising awareness for your cause, you could also be raising awareness for your brand.

Our photo booth experience can be completely customized to reflect everything about your cause and get it out there. 

Our magic mirror booth gives guests the opportunity to pose for photos in front of a full-length mirror, so they can see how they look when the photo is taken.  You can choose for them to receive prints, SMS message, or email of their photo that is branded specifically for your company, business, charity, or fundraiser. 

The Glam Cam MINI Booth is smaller in size, but still very big on options.  Guests are drawn in by the lovely ring light.  When they touch the customized screen to choose their options (Photo, GIF, or Boomerang to name a few) the MINI takes the photo and gives guests the choice of email or text delivery of the image.  They can immediately begin sharing their photos.  


  • Customized photo overlays with your information: logo, background, overlays, hashtags, web address, email, social media, and more

  • Branded start screen

  • Branded props

  • Data capture as the guests use the booth to email or text their photos, the booth can harvest their information to enable you to contact them after the event

  • Seating charts (Mirror only)

  • Custom fabric or vinyl skin panels for the booth itself

  • Step and Repeat or custom backdrop

  • An online gallery for ordering downloads, prints, or products featuring your branded event photos, both with and without frame overlay

  • So much more!  Let's put our heads together and create!​


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Don't forget to use social media yourself by creating hashtags to use before the event even takes place, then have guests use the same hashtags when sharing their photos!