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Golf Tournaments

If you play golf, you are probably aware that golf clubs hold tournaments all year round. Member-Member, Member-Guest, Club Championship, just to name a few.  Not only that, but companies are having corporate golf day tournaments more all the time.  These inclusive, fun, all-day events promote team building, bonding, building business relations, and networking...not to mention you get out of work for a day!  Charities are also holding more tournaments as a fun way to fundraise.  

Hiring a professional to capture these fun events is a great way to memorialize the day.  Photos taken while the participants are playing are always a big hit and can be used for marketing later.  The fun doesn't have to end when the tournament is over.  People usually migrate to the bar for a bit after a long day of golf, so why not have a branded photo booth ready to take photos?   As the photos are shown off to friends or on social media, your brand is being shared right along with them. 

Our fun photo booths give guests a branded photo to show off and commemorate the day.  Choose for your players to receive a print, or, if you prefer, they can receive their photo via SMS message or email.  You can also choose to have a gallery of photos available for download, or purchase products with the photos, such as calendars, mousepads, and so much more. 

Customization options are endless for the photo booths, and you can even have us add a logo to your professional photos from the tournament's action.  Here are just a few of the ways our booths can be customized to each event, or, just having the booth as-is can be an option as well:

  • Customized photo overlays with your information: logo, background, overlays, hashtags, web address, email, social media, and more

  • Branded or custom start screen

  • Branded or custom props

  • Branded or custom digital props

  • Custom screen seating charts (Mirror only)

  • Data capture from guests using the booth to email or text their photos enables you to contact them after the event

  • Custom skin panels for the booth itself, featuring your design, logo, brand, QR code, and more

  • Step and repeat or custom backdrop

  • Gallery of all photos taken for viewing, ordering downloads, prints, or products 

  • So much more!  Let's put our heads together and create!​


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Don't forget to use social media yourself by creating hashtags to use before the event even takes place, then have guests use the hashtags when sharing their photos!

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