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Wedding Season

It's no secret in the event or entertainment industry that from December to March anyone with a career in weddings is very busy. That means that after March, weddings are happening pretty much every week!

It's Wedding Season and from Wedding Planners to DJs, Photographers to Caterers; It's an exciting time for us, almost as much as it is for the newly engaged couple.

What a great career to be in! People in love and excitement about their future bring with them an air of excitement and hope. It really is a fun business to be in. Happiness is contagious! We feel very blessed and thankful to be able to be a part of this special time and love working with our clients to ensure they have fun and create memorable moments with a photographic reminder of these special times.

We are working hard on overlays and getting the booth software ready. We are so excited to get everything put together and meet literally hundreds of people! I can't wait to show everyone what our amazing photo booths can do!

Capture memories from your wedding that you may otherwise miss with a photo booth.
Wedding Season


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