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Fun Halloween Ideas

Halloween is coming! If you are a fan like we are then you are already getting spooky vibes and looking for the perfect costume! Here are some fun ideas for celebrating Halloween.

  • Of course, a costume party is top of the list. When else do you get to totally dress up as something or someone else? This is my favorite part of the holiday. Costume parties are fun for kids and adults alike. Even pets can dress up and attend Halloween parties!

  • Nursing home or assisted living facilities usually host drive-through costume parades or Trick-or-Treat visits. These are fun, especially for kids and friendly pets. The residents get the most benefit from this, as they love to have visitors, love children and pets, and may not see people often if they don't have family nearby for visits. It's a fun and feel-good activity that benefits everyone involved.

  • Throw a costume party for your pets and their friends! How cute to have a bunch of pets gathered for a costume contest! Amazon and many other stores and websites offer adorable costumes and ideas for your furry pals.

  • Create an entire meal of spooky foods! The web offers a plethora of ideas for spooky-themed recipes. If you aren't into trick-or-treating or parties, why not celebrate with a meal of Halloween-themed dishes and drinks?

  • Host a Halloween Scavenger Hunt for your community or neighborhood. Local churches, schools, or neighborhoods would most likely like to be involved in a not-so-spooky, family-friendly event.

  • Hayrides... When was the last time you were on a hayride? Cool, fall nights, flannel shirts, and warm blankets. Hot drinks and scenic or spooky hayrides are a great laid-back way to celebrate.

  • Personally, I LOVE Worlds Of Fun in Kansas City's Halloween Haunt! It's great for younger kids during the day and then turns pretty eerie in the evening. The haunted houses are very well put together and the parade is outstanding!

  • We can't talk about celebrations or parties without suggesting a photo booth because that's what we do and we know how great they are for any occasion. Halloween is absolutely a perfect time for a photo booth at your party! Everyone in costume, having a great time... send them all home with fun photos to remember the night for years to come!


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