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Permanent & Long Term Installs

With the popularity of photo booths growing and the ever-evolving designs and software released at a rapid pace, many companies are choosing to add Permanent & Long Term Installs of a digital photo booth to their business to engage their customers.

Be it a restaurant, clothing boutique, or brewery, our Mini Booth is the perfect design for such a rental as it is sleek and smaller in size than our larger booths. The all-digital delivery of photos, via email or text, is a handy tool to harvest users' data as they use the booth. This information is collected within compliance law and is perfect for you to add to your marketing list.

People love to take fun photos, and our bright ring light attracts them and entices them to take a photo with the branded, animated screen. Depending on what you add to your package, guests can choose still photos, GIFs, or Boomerangs, all branded with your logo or business information.

It's not just about fun photos. This smart little booth sends those photos right away via wifi, so the user receives their photos in seconds. What do you think they will do with that amazing photo they just took, with your branded props and branded backdrop? They can either share it from their phone, or from the booth, which means your brand is going all over the place. Friends, family, social media... Look at you, marketing without even really trying! Your guests are doing it for you!

The branding options are vast. Step and repeat backdrops, branded digital props, branded physical props, branded stamps and emoji, brand colors, branded photos, branded start screens, branded buttons, branded albums, branded image gallery, and even a completely wrapped branded booth.

Most companies budget this within their Marketing Budget as even though it is very entertaining, it's actually marketing for you behind the scenes. How can we prove it? This smart little cookie also harvests data for analytics, so you can have a report either periodically throughout your long-term rental, or at the end.

Contact us for more information here:

Here is a list of our most popular features for our Photo Marketing Experiences:

  • Brand awareness

  • Education

  • Social sharing

  • Compliant data capture

  • Custom fields for data collection

  • Online presence

  • Audience engagement

  • User-generated content

  • Giveaways

  • Contests

  • Analytics

  • Grow your database

  • Grow your digital image library with commercial use license on images

Let's market your business!


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