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Glam Cam KC And Fundraising

When having a fundraiser for a charity event, the main goal is usually to raise funds. However, it is also a great opportunity to increase awareness for your cause and your brand.

Glam Cam KC & fundraising go hand in hand. What better way to raise awareness for your charity or cause than to have attendees take fun photos with your brand all over them? Then, when they share those photos on social media it increases awareness. Even further if your guests are posting those photos with hashtags.

While you are raising awareness for your cause, you could also be raising awareness for your brand. Our photo booth experiences can be completely customized to reflect everything about your cause and get it out there.

Glam Cam Mini Booth This booth is smaller in size but very big on options. Your guests are drawn in by the lovely ring light. Touching the customized branded screen starts the photo process. This fun booth offers GIFs and boomerangs, as well as still photos. We can program the software to perform a one, two, or three-photo session.

Just like the Magic Mirror booth, the Mini Booth can text or email your photo right to your phone, making it easy to begin sharing on social media. This booth is usually rented as an all-digital booth, but it does also offer a print package, for clients who prefer a physical copy additionally.

Options Our menu of options is continuously growing as our top-of-the-line software is being updated regularly. Gone are the days of just taking a photo and getting a print. Especially for businesses and charities, the options for customizations and features are almost endless. This is a good thing! This means that you get to choose the features and services that work best for you and build your unique custom package.

Here is just a sample of the ever-growing menu of options that we offer for our photo booths.

  • Customized and branded photo overlay, including your information, logo, hashtag, tagline, web address, social media, and more

  • Branded start screen

  • Branded props

  • Branded backdrops or backgrounds (step and repeat)

  • Branded photo booth wraps

  • Compliant data capture

  • Seating charts (Magic Mirror only)

  • Branded Gallery of all images

  • Survey

  • Contest

  • More!

Let's put our heads together and come up with a perfect package to amp up your fundraiser!

Glam Cam KC for fundraisers is a great way to draw attention to your cause!
Glam Cam KC at Foster Kids KC's Pickelball Tournament


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