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Sponsorship Packages For Events

Are you planning an event for a charity, school, hospital, or other fundraising event but all of the expenses just aren't in the budget? Even when you are raising money for a cause, it can get expensive to have the event and market it.

Glam Cam KC has attended numerous events like this over the years and we have participated in helping our clients put together sponsorship packages. Sponsorship Packages for events are a great way to raise funds to pay for necessary expenses when having an event. Of course, our photo booth probably isn't considered "necessary" by everyone, and frankly, a lot of charities and fundraisers don't even realize how helpful a photo booth can be for such an event. See more here:

Sponsorship packages usually come in levels, starting with the biggest first, and then stepping down to the smallest. You'll want the first level to be eye-catching and full of benefits, and ideally, more sponsors will choose it, securing bigger financial support for your event and cause. Each level frequently has a clever name, such as Gold, Silver, and Bronze. You can have as many levels as you like. The top level is the most expensive, and of course, has the most to offer to the sponsor.

As an example, some of our clients who utilize the sponsorship package to hire our booth will include items such as the sponsor's logo displayed on the photo booth photos, displayed on all marketing for the event, and on a large banner at the event. These are just a few of the benefits. Your team can decide what to offer your sponsors in return for their investments. Maybe a special table or seating for sponsors, social media blasts when marketing the event, or even a plaque in a designated awards area.

Here is a list of several frequently used sponsorship items in packages that we have participated in:

Event Sponsorship Examples

  • Company name or logo displayed on media, materials, and programs

  • Company name or logo online

  • Branded merchandise and goodie bags

  • Featured in articles or blogs describing their support

  • Banners or signage showcasing their business at the event

  • The opportunity to have special seating at the event

  • Social media mentions leading up to, during, and after the event

  • Representative of the sponsoring company as a guests speaker at the event

  • Ask the representative what they think is fair in return and come up with something that makes you both happy!


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