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Preferred Vendors

Preferred Vendor listings and pages can be a very helpful tool in completing the planning of your wedding or event.

It is always a good practice to ask your vendor who presents the Preferred Vendor list if they have personally worked with the vendors, and what specifically they liked about them. This way, you know that your vendor has actually dealt with the vendors on their list and can give you a true and personal referral.

Our Preferred Vendors page lists businesses that strive to create the best experience for their clients. We know this because we have worked with each one of them at past events or weddings, and we personally sent them an invitation to be a part of our page.

We love what we do and we love other businesses who love what they do! Being in the weddings and events industry is a wonderful career to be in and we want our clients and referrals to enjoy their experience to the fullest. We feel that we can help that happen by referring other passionate business owners in an array of fields. The more we work together, the better we work together, and extending this list to our clients is another way that we serve you and why we are the best photo booth rental company in the KC area.


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