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Tips For Reviewing A Business

Do you ever read reviews before purchasing an item or service? Many people rely on reviews when shopping for a product or service. They can be very helpful when making decisions. Reviews are not only important for consumers, but they are very important for businesses. Here are some tips for writing a helpful review for consumers and businesses alike.

Firstly, if the service was bad, you may want to consider contacting the provider privately, before leaving a bad review. Most companies want to succeed and that means having happy customers. If someone is upset with their service, the manager will most likely want to know and try to make your experience better. Even if the problem can't be fixed, an apology and/or a discount, free item, or service may be offered. Mistakes happen, and we all make them.

Leaving a review for businesses helps boost their SEO, and using the correct content and keywords in that review can add to the boost. SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is imperative for showing up in searches, and if done correctly not only has the business show up, but be higher in the order of listings.

Here are a few tips for reviewing a business:

  • Mention the business name

  • Mention any staff by name if you know them

  • Mention the venue

  • Mention the type or name of the event

  • Mention specific services that you liked

  • Mention keywords: For instance, in our business, the words Photo Booth or photography (depending on the services we provided) are important but also, professional, friendly, helpful, etc

For example:

"We attended (insert event type or name) at (insert venue) and loved the photo booth! (Insert staff or business name) was professional and friendly and we loved the (insert feature or something that you liked). We will definitely use them again and would recommend them for any party or event."

A lot of times people don't talk about the great service that they had, they tend to talk about the bad service. Think about some of the good services that you've had recently and hop on Google to leave the business a review!


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