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Glam Cam KC Featured In Google Report

Did you know that you have one of the most popular Photo Booth companies in the area right here in Kansas City? And that we are the only one to partner with Google for their EIR. 

 We were surprised earlier this year when Google contacted us and notified us we had been selected to represent Missouri in their annual Economic Impact Report. This is quite an honor, so of course, we said yes! It was a whirlwind with interviews and a photo shoot, and then our report was released this April. 

We thank Grow with Google for recognizing us as a growing small business and are grateful for the tools Google offers small businesses to assist in their continued growth. We plan to use them for years to come as our business grows and prospers, and Glam Cam KC is proud to be featured in this Google report.

You can see the report, here:

Glam Cam KC Press Release

Glam Cam KC Sparkles in Google's Annual Economic Impact Report, Generating Buzz for Missouri's Business Scene

Kansas City, Missouri - Glam Cam KC, the renowned provider of professional photo booth experiences, is making waves once again as it secures a prime spotlight in Google's fifteenth annual Economic Impact Report. This prestigious recognition underscores Glam Cam KC's pivotal role in leveraging digital tools to elevate its business and its local community.

The announcement comes on the heels of Glam Cam KC's creation of five new jobs, marking a significant milestone in its journey of growth and innovation. Melanie Johnson, the visionary Managing Owner behind Glam Cam KC, expressed her excitement about the company's evolution, stating, "Glam Cam KC embodies a fusion of passion for photography, people, and cutting-edge technology. Our relentless commitment to excellence has propelled us forward, enabling us not only to thrive but also contribute meaningfully to the fabric of our community."

With a client base extending far beyond Kansas City, Glam Cam KC's success story is a testament to the transformative power of Google's digital ecosystem. By harnessing Google's tools and services, Glam Cam KC has achieved remarkable outcomes, including a surge in inquiries originating from Google Search, steady growth in bookings and revenue, in turn equipping the company for expansion with new employees and new advanced equipment to cater to larger and more prestigious events.

Melanie Johnson further elaborated on the company's ethos, saying, "At Glam Cam KC, we're privileged to be in the business of crafting unforgettable event experiences. Whether it's capturing the joyous moments of celebrations or immortalizing the milestones of local businesses, we take pride in freezing time and creating lasting impressions."

Against the backdrop of Missouri's bustling business landscape, Google’s Economic Impact Report highlights the pivotal role played by digital tools in driving economic activity. In 2023 alone, businesses across Missouri generated a staggering $7 billion in economic impact by harnessing the power of Google products to engage customers and fuel growth.

Glam Cam KC stands as a shining example of the symbiotic relationship between innovation and economic prosperity. As businesses continue to embrace digital transformation, the findings of a recent poll by The RXN Group and the Connected Commerce Council underscore the widespread adoption of digital tools among SMBs, with an overwhelming majority leveraging AI to drive efficiency, savings, and growth.

As Glam Cam KC charts its course towards even greater heights, its story serves as a beacon of inspiration for businesses across Missouri and beyond. With creativity, determination, and the right digital tools at their disposal, the possibilities for growth and impact are limitless.

For further information, contact Melanie Johnson, Managing Owner of Glam Cam KC, at email

About Glam Cam KC:

Glam Cam KC is a premier provider of professional photo booth experiences, serving clients in Kansas City and beyond. With a blend of creativity, technology, and unparalleled service, Glam Cam KC transforms ordinary moments into extraordinary memories. Visit to learn more.

Photo Credit: Chase and Kyd with Starboard & Port


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