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Kansas City Vegetarian Eateries

Kansas City has a growing number of Vegetarian choices.
Vegetarian In Kansas City

People all over the world are changing to meatless diets. It is believed that it is not only healthier for the body but for the environment.

  • Reduce your carbon footprint by 73%

  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions and pollution

  • Free up more land for reforestation and wildlife habitats

  • Conserve water

  • Lower rates of obesity, heart disease, and cancers

Kansas City is no exception to this global change and the city has multiple amazing restaurants that serve plant-based meals. If you ever think you would like to try it, or if you are already vegetarian, we've compiled a list of some of our favorite places.

Kansas City Vegetarian Eateries

  • Cafe Gratitude

  • Blue Nile Cafe

  • Blue Bird Bistro

  • Tree Hugger Kitchen

  • Seva Cuisine of India

  • Swagat Fine Indian Restaurant

  • Seasons 52

We would love to hear about your favorite Vegetarian or Vegan gems in KC!


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