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Photo Booth Popularity Is On The Rise

Photo booth popularity is on the rise and it's no surprise why.

Let's say you're planning an event to mark a special occasion, or you're planning an event for your business or fundraiser. A wedding, retirement party, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, awards ceremony, tournament celebration, or any other special event. You've put money, work time, and a lot of thought into making it as you want it. Why consider a photo booth?


Adding a photo booth brings the guests INTO the event. It gets them entertained and engaged. They become part of the action and celebration. A photo booth creates a buzz that is contagious. Every time they step in front of the camera and pose, it's about them being having fun.


Having a photo booth at your event brings your guests together. Standing in line for their turn at the booth, they can mingle, meet people, laugh, and smile.


Guests may hold on to their photos for years to come. Hanging on the fridge, in an album, their desk at work. This brings to mind memories of what a great event you hosted.


Consider events that you have attended in the past, or if you were to attend an event today. Would you rather have a cheap, ill-fitting T-shirt? A bag of goodies you don't like or will never use? Or, would you prefer to take home a cute or funny photo branded with your company logo, wedding theme or monogram, or personal message?


Are you ready to book or get more information? Contact us today for more information on our Magic Mirror or our MINI Booth Packages. Let's build your customized package today!


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